Headquartered in Northeast Ohio just outside Cleveland, Accsense Inc. was established in 2006 as a cutting-edge solution provider of temperature monitoring and alarming systems for critical Healthcare and Life Sciences applications. With thousands of customers and installations worldwide, Accsense has positioned itself as a leader in the monitoring and alarming market. As a well-recognized brand, Accsense has since expanded its initial product offering to include data logging solutions for the Industrial, Environmental, Research & Development, and Alternative Energy industries.

Manufactured in the USA, Accsense products are strategically designed to fill specific solution-gaps in the market and priced competitively to create real demand. Fully owned by CAS DataLoggers, one of the largest general distributors of data loggers and data acquisition equipment in North America, Accsense products are currently in use in every industry. Accsense is focused on helping customers to improve product quality, test and validate performance, and streamline operating costs—all at a price that makes this exciting technology affordable.

With a strong commitment to customer-focused support, Accsense stands out in both quality and service. This user-first support is built on a foundation of sound quality principles, a no-nonsense Warranty and Repair Department, and a readily-accessible Technical Support staff. We also provide free technical support for all our products—a real rarity in this industry.

Our sales and engineering staff have a total of over 100 years of industry experience with many different types of test and measurement equipment. We also provide customized control systems and programming to solve unique application problems. If you’re working with a particular application, we’re familiar with it and can guide you to the ideal solution.

Additionally, our technical expertise makes us well-positioned to solve existing problems and anticipate major market trends with new products. With top-tier manufacturing, engineering and customer support, Accsense is the choice of hospitals, clinics, factories, plants and small businesses around the world.


Accsense, Inc.

8437 Mayfield Road Chesterland, OH 44026

Toll Free: 800 956 4437
Phone: 440 729 2570
FAX: 440 729 2586
E-mail: info@accsense.com

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