EC-1V Single Phase Voltage Logger


  • Single Phase 300Vac (Live/Hot to Neutral)
  • Voltage recorder enables real voltage problems to be high lighted quickly for further investigation
  • Allow engineers to quickly and cost effectively monitor & re solve possible supply problems
  • Small, safe & easy to use
  • Records average voltage, max & min with date & time & stores information in non volatile memory
  • Kit includes Logger, Carry Case, Electrosoft software, & RS- 232 serial lead
  • Recorded data is uploaded to a PC for analysis with supplied free software
  • Electrosoft includes internal database to ensure effective management of distributed units
  • Selectable measurement resolution to suit each situation, accurate to ±1% of reading + 1 Volt (90 – 260Vac)
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The EC-1V data logger is widely used to monitor voltage variations on site, allowing voltage problems to be highlighted quickly for further investigation using traditional recorders.

When recording the Electrocorder will store the average voltage over the period chosen (1 sec to 60 min), it will also record the highest (max) & lowest (min) cycle values during that period.

The Electrocorder range uses a constant sampling technique, unlike the single reading of competitors. When the loggers start to record, they sample every channel 16 times per cycle, a cycle is 16ms at 60Hz and 20ms at 50Hz. At the end of each averaging period, 3 quantities are saved for each channel, the True RMS average, the Max, which is the highest cycle value during the period and the Min, lowest cycle value. This means that it will record all the peaks and troughs which are one cycle or longer.