VersaLog VL-TH Thermistor Data Logger


  • The 16-bit analog-to-digital converter meets most high-resolution requirements.
  • The 4-MegaByte Memory stores up to 2 million measurements.
  • One onboard thermistor channel monitors ambient temperature. Seven range programmable thermistor input channels cover wide measurement requirements.
  • Can be accessed via USB, MODEM, or Ethernet connections with an auto baud rate of up to 115 kbps.
  • 10-year battery life
  • Fast sampling mode
  • Alarm and excitation output
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The VersaLog TH is an 8-channel, battery powered, stand-alone thermistor data logger. The logger records up to 4 megabyte of data and stores it in non-volatile flash memory for later retrieval. It accepts nearly any kind of thermistors that have the resistance value above 10K at 25°C.

Featuring an aluminum enclosure and PCB coating, the logger has excellent performance in the harshest industrial environment.

Powered by 16-bit ADC and programmable input range, the logger is well suited to science and laboratory applications where precise and accurate measurement is critical.