EC-3A Single and Three Phase Current Data Logger


  • Three phase; 400A, 1kA, 2kA or 3kAac
  • Enables current and load problems to be highlighted for further investigation
  • Allows users to record load currents up to 3kAac, range is model dependent.
  • Three current input channels (A1, A2, & A3).
  • Records Max, Min and Avg current on all 3 channels.
  • Data stored in non-volatile memory.
  • Recorded data is uploaded to a PC for analysis with Electrosoft.
  • Kit includes Logger, Carry Case, Electrosoft software, 3 Rogowski Transducers, USB lead & 12Vdc PSU.
  • Memory capacity of 32,000 true RMS voltage values per phase (10 bit), up to 300 days continuous recording.
  • Selectable averaging period to suit each situation, accurate to ±1% of range.
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This data logger is specifically designed to monitor one, two or three current channels, allowing you to monitor the loading and energy consumption of the installation. The stored data is uploaded to a PC via the supplied USB cable.

The product is supplied with three Rogowski transducers. Four models are available. The EC-3A-FK has a range of 5 to 400A, the EC-3A-1K has a range of 10 – 1kA, the EC-3A-2K a range of 15 – 2kA and the EC-3A-3K a range of 20 – 3kA. Other ranges may be factory set, normally up to around 10kA per phase.

When recording the Electrocorder will store the average current over the period chosen (1 sec to 60 min), it will also record the highest (max) & lowest (min) cycle values during that period. The current levels are stored with dates and times. With the back-up battery, the Electrocorder can continue to record for 3 months. A 12Vdc PSU input is available, to allow for prolonged logging without battery power.