B1-06 Wireless Data Logger Gateway


  • Supports up to 16 sensor pods for wireless temperature monitoring and additional applications
  • Built-in 10/100BaseT Ethernet
  • Supports DHCP and static IP addressing
  • SSL Encryption for secure communication
  • Diagnostic LED’s
  • Wireless range up to 250′
  • 1900 Point sample buffer
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The B1-06 Gateway is the connection between your data and the internet. The B1-06 Wireless Gateway sends all of your data to either our secure servers or as a local ASCII stream which you can incorporate into your own custom software. Data stored online can be downloaded as a CSV file and loaded into most database applications. Additionally, our servers can send out phone, text or email alerts (with Premium Subscription) to inform designated staff the moment that a reading falls out of range.

Accsense requires a RJ45 Ethernet connection with open internet access–that’s all! By default, the Accsense gateway is set to acquire its IP address dynamically from a DHCP server. Users can configure a static IP address using the Remote Gateway Configuration utility.